The new age of C-Suite titles and roles.

The new age of C-Suite titles and roles.

Things are changing all the way into the titles within the C-Suite in corporate America.  Are you up on the latest roles and titles? Here is a quick snap shot of some you may or may not of heard of.

Chief Ecosystem Officer

Of course the three-letter acronym is already taken, but putting one person in charge of industry dynamics and partnerships will soon be a mainstay of the corporate structure

Chief User Experience Officer

User experience used to be an afterthought for hardware and software designers. Now that bulky instruction manuals are largely (and thankfully) a thing of the past, technology companies need to ensure that their products are intuitive from the moment they’re activated.

Chief Automation Officer

As jobs continue to get automated out of existence, Frey believes a member of the core leadership team of the future will be put in charge of identifying opportunities for companies to become more competitive through automation.

Chief Freelance Relationship Officer

Fifty-three million Americans, or 34% of the U.S. workforce, are considered contingent, temporary, diversified, or freelance employees today, with that number expected to reach 40% by the year 2020.

Chief Intellectual Property Officer

The world of intellectual property law is only getting more vast and complicated as new innovations hit the market. Not only will companies in the near future need a core leadership team member who can wade through the dizzying sea of intellectual property laws and patents to ensure their own compliance, but also remain vigilant to protect their own company against infringement.

Chief Data Officer

Chief data officers will help CEOs and COOs run more profitable and streamlined companies by wading through the sea of information now available to them in order to draw valuable insights.

Chief Privacy Officer

As companies hang on to more data, the onus to keep that data safe is growing, with the PR nightmare that ensues following a breach becoming more than most can handle.

Chief Compliance Officer

One of the few barriers that remain for businesses of all sizes that want to operate beyond their national borders is the issue of compliance. Organizations have gone so far as to designate a chief compliance officer to ensure that all rules of international trade are being met, and many feel that the importance of this role will expand moving forward.

Chief Human Resources Officer

Already an established position within many major organizations today, Audra believes the role of chief human resources officer is evolving from one of compliance to core leadership as competition for talent intensifies.

Chief Administrative Officer

As CEOs delegate tasks to their expanding teams of C-suite executives, they will be required to handle more complex, high-level decisions. As such, chief administrative officers will help relieve CEOs and COOs of some of their day-to-day tasks, allowing them to put their time and effort towards critical, big-picture decisions.

Welcome to the new Digital Age of the C-Suite Evolution!