I am so impressed with what Audra has done for my business. All through their design concept, innovations and execution, my business is now known throughout the country. She came is and created a backend system that automated many of the tasks I was doing day to day, this freed up my time to grow my business. They have helped make my phone ring! When I ask, how did you hear about us….I read your blog, you tweet about ….Incredible! Audra and her team provide first class service and have helped increase sales for us!



I met Audra when I was just starting, I had big ideas but no idea how to start and a limited budget. Audra took me and my business under her wing, and made me a multimillion dollar business! Design, marketing, coaching, and so much more. There were times when we had so many orders I did not think we could ship them, so I called Audra and within hours she and her team came to help us ship the orders! Would not be who I am today without this company and Audra’s personal mentoring. If you have the opportunity to work direct with Audra, do not hesitate and do everything she tells you, she sees things no one else can see, and her passion is to help you and your business.



I am an old business with a young heart, I wanted a great and modern website and needed to create a new business platform to be able to adapt to the new online world. I received more than I could have expected. Great team, and the personal touch was unexpected and appreciated.



We tried many designers and marketing companies to build our site, never once did it work out. Then along came Audra and her team, and all our online dreams became a reality. Audra came to our store, and I could see that she got us, and my business. I was surprised that she took the time personally to help us go from just a store serving our local community to an online business serving the world. I have been in business at the same place for over 42 years, we have a specific feel to us, and she was able to translate that into a website. Was a great experience, and from what others have told me, I am not easy to please.



Unbelievable, first word that comes to mind! Audra and her team completely transformed my business from the design, content writing, brochures, social media, implementing a CRM system, and coaching. Her approach is focused and delivers a base to build a business that will sustain the growth that results from her online abilities. At first I was reluctant to implement her suggestions since they seemed so different, but when I didn’t and the sales starting rolling in, I quickly got inline seeing that if I did not implement her strategies and systems I would not be able to grow at the crazy pace she was bringing. There are very few companies that under promise and over deliver, this is one company that redefines both service and quality!


Troy Miller

Audra has been a very important partnership with my business at www.canopymart.com. I started selling my products on the side while I was working fulltime. I did not know about online selling or marketing besides my products knowledge and had very little time due to working for the online business. I signed up for the ecommerce solution, logo, custom design, email design, SEO, PPC and other great things, and did so well that I soon split my product line into two websites. The second site is www.tarpcoversales.com. Then, 1 year later was able to quit my job! Audra has very knowledgeable staff to help me try new technology on my online business and they keep upgrading their platforms to offer more functionality. As technology and the online world keeps changing Audra’s program helped me stay ahead of the changes and I was always offering cutting edge things before my clients knew to ask for them.  I would recommend Audra and her services to everyone looking to grow their online business in little to no time.



John Kim

Our Expectations

Our company designs and sells luxury leather handbags, and we needed a website and online strategy that would not only serve as a commerce tool, but also reflect the high end image of our brand and show the quality of our product and Audra and her team delivered or exceeded all of our expectations

Joanna Maxham
Our expectations

Compassion Animal Services LLC

“I’ve been working with Audra Hajj and her team for the past couple of years now. I have to say I am very impressed and pleased with the work they do and with how easy they are to work with. I run my business by myself primarily, and Audra and her team have really come alone side me to make my vision a reality. When we first started discussing my projects, I was throwing ideas at Audra one after the other and in no particular order, she was able to follow what I was saying, then break down the big picture into the appropriate action steps needed to make my dream a reality.

Once we got started, her team has really become my team, too. They really know what they are doing. They quickly and accurately complete the tasks that are given them, they communicate questions or concerns to me immediately and, they are really the nicest most patient group of folks I’ve ever worked with.

Audra and her team make me feel as if they have a genuine desire to see my business grow and prosper, and I think that’s because they really do have that desire for all their clients. I’ve already seen a significant uptick in the volume of new clients seeking out my services. And, I fully expect to see those numbers continue to increase and we move further along in this process.

If you are like me, running your own tiny business, with just yourself and maybe a few employees, and you want to grow, but you are overwhelmed with the day to day, you cannot go wrong by retaining Audra and her team. I highly recommend them to anyone.


Adam Proctor
Compassion Animal Services LLC

A few pearls of wisdom:

The most precious thing in a business owner’s life is their time. They can do what no other person can in their business, but many times I meet with business owners doing 3-9 employee jobs. Things that are necessary but not good for them to be doing. I want to free the business owners who are trapped working in their business and have them start working on their business. This is where they can grow their business and start to dominate their industry. With the proper support staff that is customizing, systemizing, and actualizing their online needs, they regain 60% of their time, and it is said that 1 hour in a business owner’s life is valued at $500.00! We give them their time and a staff that is highly skilled and accountable, which results in peace of mind.

Audra M. Hajj
CEO, Speaker, Author