Make Sure You Obtain the Appropriate Permits

Make Sure You Obtain the Appropriate Permits

Permits, approval, and permission are all important when it comes to filming, and every location is different. However, you can protect yourself by researching permits ahead of time. If there are any local film offices you can start by checking with them prior to filming. For example, you may not need a permit as long as you shoot in a particular manner such as on a tri-pod or with a hand-held camera. These types of restrictions are different everywhere. If you are going to film something like a car chase via a crane, chances are you will need some form of permit. You will find that some areas are more lenient that others too.

When you connect with a local film office, all of this will be made transparent so you can decide how you want to shoot within regulations. A film office can also provide you with other benefits since they exist to support filmmakers. They are one of the best resources for information concerning filming locations, casting calls, and potential tax incentives. If you are filming in larger counties, cities, national or state parks they may have their own regulations in addition to any state-wide terms. You can check with the state organization if that’s the case. Overall you should always ask if local permits are needed, then follow-up by asking what else you can do to get along with them.


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