Find the Legal Forms You Need

Find the Legal Forms You Need

There are ways to find the legal forms you need, even if you’re on a budget. You may not have the money for an attorney either, or the funding for college to become one yourself. If you have a smartphone you are smart indeed because there is an app called Shake that is for both Android and iOS platforms, which gives you mobile release forms right at your fingertips. Shake is versatile and popular since it is so easy to use and free. It gives you the chance to use over a dozen location releases, talent releases, video forms created by licensed attorneys, contracts and parental consent forms that cover everyone from costume designers to extras. Let’s get one thing straight, nothing can actually take the place of an attorney, but Shake gives them a run for their money.

When you have the time and resources you can also use another great legal form site called LegalZoom. They provide downloadable location and talent release forms that come with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply download their instructions, detailed releases, and explanation of legal terms so you can be sure to use their forms responsibly. The investment in LegalZoom is inexpensive $14.95, a one-time investment. Just remember you get what you pay for, so film smart with the correct legal forms.


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