Audra Hajj has been the keynote speaker at many great events both small and large. She is very motivational, and can move people into adapting to change in ways you never knew possible.

She has done events like:

  • Online Market World
  • World Financial Group
  • PPC Summit
  • Pre Paid Legal
  • SEMA
  • Social Media Summit
  • American Marketing Association
  • Icon Summit
  • Winner Circle
  • And many more….

Audra Hajj, also works with Corporate America, in which she is flown in to work with the executive team on some of the following topics:

These are just a few of the services Audra can help with. She truly is an extension to your staff, and will quickly produce results. She is able to move quickly due to her 10+ years and over 3000 clients she has assisted.
To truly see her in action we suggest that you request a consultation.

  • Transition
  • System integration
  • Latest online trends and impact on the bottom line
  • Vision forecasting
  • SWAT analysis
  • The power of CRM systems, and drip campaign management.
  • Eliminates self-limiting beliefs
  • Discomfort talking about money
  • Need for approval
  • Going for the no
  • Innovation
  • Accountability
  • “The Team Player”
  • “The Constructive Critic”
  • “The Empowering Force”
  • “The Positive Influencer”
  • …And many other topics.

Getting the room fired up on the latest greatest changes online or within your company is something she does best. When you speak with her you will find that her passion for helping companies grow is contagious and sincere. And the knowledge she has in the things needed to succeed digitally will impress both armatures and industry professionals.

We encourage you to speak with Audra one to one, and feel her passion and unique ways she can move people into the latest trends, change can be scary, but when presented correctly, it is exciting!