Educate – Equalize- Maintain- Engage- Sell- Grow

Educate – Equalize- Maintain- Engage- Sell- Grow

Lifecycle (PBC)

Marketing is more than setting up for a sale. Todays consumers have the product and service world at their fingertips. To market to an instant gratification marketplace, you must implement 6 main elements.

1. Educate: You need to educate them as to why they cannot live without your product or service. No ones like to be sold to, but people know that they have needs and problems. If you can help or fix their problem, then tell them how and why.

2. Equalize: You might be starting out new today, but you have an advantage over your established competition. The internet levels the playing field, if you design and market professionally. Algorithms and internet trends change weekly, you need to create a presence that is cutting edge and then market utilizing the latest trending technology. By doing this you can out convert and our market competition who is marketing the same old website, with older marketing techniques

3. Maintain: The first sale cost the most and is the hardest. Good marketing is meant to maintain a company’s relevancy and presence. You need to grab all 10 spots within your organic listings and reach out to your community constantly. They trust you now and will listen to you. Most companies sell once and forget them. Use technology to maintain a communication channel like a CRM system, social media, and other media options

4. Engage: Don’t be shy speak up! People will follow a voice into almost any situation. Silence is the killer of movement. People are busy, they need your product or service, but when you reached out to them the first time it might not have been the right time. So, try again at a different time and maybe in a different way.
5. Sell: Marketing will give you people to sell to but make sure that sales and marketing are aligned. These two departments we find, are the most at odds with one another. Do not over promise in your marketing then expect the sales department to pick up the slack and vice versa. Do not oversell a product or solution. Your first sale can open the door to many other opportunities, so treat it with respect. Sell today to build a long-lasting relationship

6. Grow: If you are not growing you are dying. Growing is more than increasing your sales number monthly. This is where people get lost when building a new business. Your sales may be more than last month, but what is your retention rate? What is your referral rate? Are you working harder for each sale? Growth is strengthen your business from the root to the leaves so you can naturally grow new leaves that are evergreen

Implement these 6 bullets into your marketing strategy and watch your business grow organically and with roots that can last for generations.